Inside Courtroom

Last week, the New Hanover County’s Board of Commissioners approved a special use permit for the S.T. Wooten Sand Mine, located on 80.4 acres in the 200 block of Sutton Lake Road in Wilmington. Our very own Stephen Coggins represented and advocated for S.T. Wooten, adamant the project should move forward.

“Extensive groundwater testing has taken place over the entirety of that 80-acre site and it is clean,” said Coggins, referencing a study by WithersRavenel which looked at 11 plant and 7 animal species and determined that the species of bats and snakes that do live there are not likely to be adversely affected by the mine. To further address environmentalist concerns, S.T. Wooten included a wet mining technique to the proposal that ensures water returned to the ground as soon as sand is removed.

We are proud to have a Rountree Losee partner involved in this important initiative, which paves the way for greater economic and industrial development in our area.

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