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As you know, the Department of Labor’s Final Rule doubling the minimum salary amount for white collar exemptions becomes effective on December 1 of this year. Yesterday, the House of Representatives voted in favor of a six-month delay in this effective date. The Regulatory Relief for Small Businesses, Schools, and Nonprofits Act would give employers until June 1, 2017 to comply with the new pay standard. The Bill still needs to pass in the Senate, and the President has promised to veto the Bill if it reaches his desk.

In a parallel effort, over 20 states filed suit last week asking the courts to intervene to stop implementation of the Final Rule.

We will keep you posted on developments with both the pending legislation and the pending lawsuit. In the meantime, we recommend continued preparation to comply with the Final Rule by December 1 of this year. Evaluate your exempt and non-exempt classifications, make appropriate changes to organizational structures and job descriptions, and plan to either raise salaries or shift formerly exempt employees to non-exempt status to comply.

Should you need any assistance with such evaluation and change, please contact Anna Richardson Smith, our of counsel and specialist on employment law.

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