Diane Pappayliou

Rountree Losee is committed to staying on top of emerging legal issues and decisions from the North Carolina Court System.  Our associate, Diane K. Pappayliou, has been monitoring Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) developments and was asked to serve on the faculty of the “Thorny Issues and Ethical Minefields in Mediation and Arbitration” Continuing Legal Education program.  The North Carolina Bar Association Dispute Resolution Section designs this program to update practitioners on legal developments in the ADR context and practical solutions to legal and ethical issues facing ADR professionals.

Pappayliou presented in a bifurcated panel with Roy J. Baroff, Jacqueline R. Clare, and Frank C. Laney regarding “Mediator Rules and Duties Update ADR Case Law Update.”  First, Clare and Laney discussed the updates to the mediator rules, standards of conduct, and duties in North Carolina based on recent advisory opinions from the Dispute Resolution Commission.  Second, Baroff and Pappayliou explored the impacts of 2016 North Carolina ADR cases, particularly at the Court of Appeals, Business Court, and Industrial Commission levels.  Baroff examined the practical considerations of recent mediation cases and Pappayliou analyzed the effects of arbitration cases for North Carolina attorneys.

The Continuing Legal Education program also contained sessions regarding: the recommended practices for how to deal with challenging situations facing mediators; how to tackle pre- and post-bankruptcy in the mediation and arbitration context; the collaborative law process and how it could cause a paradigm shift from our current “litigation focused” legal landscape; approaches for dealing with ethical issues facing arbitrators; and a scientific perspective on how different mediation practices affect litigants’ views of the issues, their adversaries, and the court process.

This CLE is also available via video replay in Wilmington on Tuesday, June 6, 2017, at Ward and Smith PA (University Corporate Center), located at 127 Racine Drive, Conference Room F.  If you have any questions regarding alternative dispute resolution, please contact Diane Pappayliou.