Coggins create new scholarship for UNCW

Photo Credit: UNCW


At Rountree Losee LLP we commit ourselves to being lawyer-leaders. Our team embraces roles within the political, volunteer, and charitable arenas. As such, we are proud to recognize Partner, Steve Coggins, and his wife Louise Coggins, for funding the John P. Bennett, Ed.D Scholarship in Health and Physical Education at UNCW. Steve Coggins served on the Board of Visitors from 2007 to 2013. His wife, Louise Coggins, an accomplished psychotherapist, is chair of the CHHS Dean’s Advancement Council and of the Board of Advisors for the School of Social Work at UNC- Chapel Hill.

In conjunction to the couple’s professional achievements, they are equally as accomplished in their volunteer work and their charitable donations. Over their 43-year marriage, the couple have donated to dozens of organizations whose missions they embrace. The John P. Bennett, Ed. D. Scholarship can now be added to that ever-expanding list.

John P. Bennet was a long time UNCW professor, who is now retired. He served as a pillar of both support and strength for the UNCW family. “His unbounded enthusiasm for the university was attractive and infectious,” Steve Coggins added. “I was also drawn to the excellent chancellors at UNCW, including Jim Leutze, who taught me history at UNC-Chapel Hill.”

Louise Coggins added, “He was a great mentor, He knew when his students were troubled, and they confided in him…”

The Scholarship itself, will be referred to as the Healthful Living Scholarship, and it will benefit students in the School of Health and Applied Sciences, whose goal is to become educators in disciplines relating to physical education or the healthcare fields. “I am committed to supporting new programs in the health field which are needed to better serve citizens in our community and state, and to continue to grow and improve the many excellent programs and degrees which are already a part of CHHS,” Louise Coggins said.

It is safe to say that Steve and Louise Coggins are a model for achievement in both their professional and charitable lives. Their passion for change has afforded them opportunities to sit on numerous boards, be strong advocates for UNCW’s new Allied Health Building, and voice pressing concerns for the need for more trained health professionals.

Rountree Losee LLP is proud to have Steve and Louise Coggins be a part of our dynamic family. We honor your commitment to multi-faceted excellence within our community.

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