Estate Planning & Administration

What Is a Living Trust?

Before we discuss what is a living trust, let’s first discuss what is a trust. A trust is an estate planning tool where you retitle your assets from your name to the name of the trust. Once the assets are retitled to the name of the trust, the assets are governed...
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What is a Living Will?

A living will (also known as an advance directive) is a legally binding document that allows you to outline your end-of-life medical preferences if you cannot communicate them. This document informs your doctors and caregivers of your choices  in certain circumstances, such as when you are in a coma or permanently...
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Trust vs. Will: What’s the Difference?

Trusts and Last Will and Testaments (commonly referred to as wills) are common terms used in the estate planning landscape. Although both are valuable estate planning documents that help ensure your property is transferred to your heirs, they serve different purposes. The primary difference between a trust and a will is...
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