Community Association Law (HOAs)

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Community associations, also known as homeowners’ associations, property owners’ associations and condominium owners’ associations provide a necessary and helpful structure to manage shared community expenses and protect property values.

In North Carolina, community associations can be subject to four different statutory acts, as well as their own governing documents. This can make community associations complex and confusing both to management and their members.

At Rountree Losee, our community association attorneys not only know the relevant law but also have years of experience in dealing with the day-to-day practicalities confronting associations and their members. Our Wilmington attorneys keep their knowledge up to date through membership and participation in the Community Ownership Institute, the leading national organization dedicated to building better communities.

You can count on the HOA attorneys at Rountree Losee’s experience to guide you and support you regarding all your community association needs. We routinely represent both associations and their members with matters related to dues, assessments, architectural review, governance, best practices, statutory compliance, and a myriad of other community-related issues.