Wilmington Estate Planning and Administration Attorneys

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Our estate planning and administration practice reflects our values of family and tradition. We understand our clients’ desires to preserve their legacy and provide for their beneficiaries and charitable or humanitarian interests.

Whether you want to create a new will or are altering the terms of an existing will, our estate planning attorneys can give you legal advice geared toward ensuring that your wishes are carried out. If you are concerned about family members making critical medical decisions on your behalf, we can help with a health care power of attorney or living will. Our estate planning attorneys also assist clients with the creation of durable powers of attorney, living trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, and life insurance trusts.

Our estate planning attorneys also represent estate executors and administrators in a variety of estate administration services. While our estate planning lawyers provide meticulous technical assistance with matters related to estate planning and probate, we are also profoundly aware of the complexity of interpersonal family relationships as well as the emotional toll the loss of a loved one can take on a family. We work closely with families to avoid or settle intergenerational disputes amicably and promptly. Furthermore, we represent clients in will caveats (contests), as well as in establishing guardianships and conservatorships.