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Enforcing Your Rights: Navigating the Eviction Process as a Landlord 

As a landlord, evicting a problematic tenant is sometimes necessary to protect your rental property. If you have lawful grounds to initiate eviction in North Carolina, understanding and correctly following every step is critical. If you’re ready to take on the eviction process, the experienced team at Rountree Losee frequently advises...
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How to Properly Evict a Tenant in North Carolina

Evicting a tenant can be a challenging and sensitive process for both landlords and tenants. In North Carolina, like in many other states, specific legal procedures must be followed to ensure a fair and lawful eviction. The legal remedy available to landlords for the eviction of a tenant is called summary...
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Spoliation Sanctions In Tennessee – An Overview

By: Joseph Horowitz Spoliation is the failure to preserve evidence. Parties to a lawsuit may not alter, destroy or conceal evidence. The penalties for spoliation can be harsh – such as striking a pleading, dismissal of an action, an adverse inference jury instruction or monetary penalties against the spoliator. This article...
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