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Spoliation Sanctions In Tennessee – An Overview

By: Joseph Horowitz Spoliation is the failure to preserve evidence. Parties to a lawsuit may not alter, destroy or conceal evidence. The penalties for spoliation can be harsh – such as striking a pleading, dismissal of an action, an adverse inference jury instruction or monetary penalties against the spoliator. This article...
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What are HOAs Doing in Response to COVID-19?

Just as many businesses have been affected by COVID-19, homeowners associations, or HOAs, are also feeling the impact as shelter in place orders limit their ability to meet and make important business decisions – including how to protect residents during the pandemic. While meetings are canceled or postponed in response to...
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Don’t Let Your Boat Slip…”Slip” Away!

Boat slips are a big deal.  More people want more access to beautiful coastal waters. However, there is less and less available space for boat slips.  So, they can now cost big bucks.  It’s small wonder they can dramatically increase the value of land to which they are attached. Boat slip...
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