North Carolina Trial Attorneys

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Rountree Losee’s litigation attorneys are true trial lawyers. Our litigators are experienced in all areas of civil litigation and have practiced extensively in the state and federal courts of North Carolina. We also practice before the North Carolina Business Court, North Carolina’s innovative forum for the resolution of complex business disputes. A number of our attorneys have experience working for federal and state judges, providing beneficial “behind the bench” experience to the litigation team. Whether your litigation needs involve a complex business dispute, corporate dispute, contract disputes, personal injury actions or fiduciary litigation, our attorneys provide effective, persuasive, results-oriented representation in court.

We also recognize that, in some situations, bringing a dispute to court may not be in our client’s best interest. In these situations, a resolution may be reached through alternative dispute resolution. Our attorneys are experienced in achieving results through all of the alternative dispute resolution processes, including arbitration and mediation.

Appellate Litigation Practice

In some instances, a trial court verdict or ruling may be unsatisfactory. In such situations, our experienced appellate attorneys provide clear, effective, and persuasive representation to help our clients navigate successfully through the complicated appellate process. Our appellate attorneys have practiced extensively before the North Carolina Court of Appeals, the North Carolina Supreme Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, among other appellate courts.