Rountree Losee is proud to welcome Wilmington estate planning attorney Michael A. Becker to our growing law firm. Mr. Becker brings valuable experience in estate planning, estate administration, and trust administration to Rountree Losee’s established estate planning practice, providing our clients with skillful counsel and guidance.

Prior to joining Rountree Losee, Mr. Becker practiced in the areas of Tax Controversy and Elder Law.  In these previous roles, he has negotiated with the Internal Revenue Service and North Carolina Department of Revenue to achieve resolutions for his clients. Additionally, Mr. Becker assisted clients in preparing their estate plans to ensure their assets were protected from potential creditors, such as a nursing home or Medicaid.

This experience in both tax law and elder law provides a multidisciplinary perspective to estate planning and administration, allowing Rountree Losee to provide a holistic approach to helping clients accomplish their estate planning goals.

Estate Planning At Rountree Losee

At Rountree Losee, we value family and tradition, and we see our estate planning and administration practice as a reflection of those values. Our Wilmington estate planning attorneys work closely with individuals to understand their wishes, protect their legacies, provide for the following generations, and contribute to charitable and humanitarian causes.

We also recognize that family dynamics can be challenging, and that administering an estate post-mortem can be emotionally taxing for all individuals involved. The attorneys at Rountree Losee also represent estate executors and administrators. We assist our clients in settling any disputes amicably and, if a resolution cannot be reached, our attorneys can represent clients in will caveats, or contests.

Clients rely on Rountree Losee to provide sound legal advice when creating or revising a will, developing a plan for end of life care, and making decisions about health care powers of attorney or living wills. Our estate attorneys also help clients with the  creation of durable powers of attorney, living trusts, qualified personal residence trusts, and life insurance trusts.

Hiring A Wilmington Estate Attorney

There are plenty of free resources available to individuals who would like to create simple estate planning documents. However, estate planning is rarely simple. The laws that govern estate administration are complex, and can stand in the way of your wishes being carried out upon death. A simple mistake could invalidate a will – sending your estate into probate. 

An experienced Wilmington estate planning attorney not only ensures valid, effective documents, but also has the knowledge to recommend the best tools to ensure your finances, property, and beneficiaries are cared for according to your standards. When it comes to planning for the future, we believe it is important to seek experienced legal help to develop an estate plan that fully protects you and your beneficiaries.

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If you have questions about estate planning and would like to speak with an experienced attorney, contact Rountree Losee today. Together, we will look at your goals and help you develop a plan that protects you, your family, and your assets.